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From: Gary Pinto
Subject: Education of Colin Roarke Part 4 (Revised)THE EDUCATION OF COLIN ROARKE
By Max the Cat
Suggestions and Comments to gmony6gmail,comPART 4: Movie Time and Tails in the South Pacific Uncle "R" called Colin and Erik down to the den "what's up Uncle R?"
the two boys said in unison. "I'm glad you two are so prompt, and together,
but then when have I've seen you to apart? I've been in young jeezy contact with the
Brussels office, and they are quite taken by the two of you and your
chemistry together. The two friends grinned at each other. "They would like
you two to make some DVD's together, would you like that? Both Pleasure
boys grinned more "gee that would be great Uncle "R" Colin answered for the
two. "The first will be "The Kidnapping of Gay young caucasian Colin and Erik, it's a new type
of DVD for B.T.W.", "What do you mean Uncle "R:"?" Erik inquired. "You two
will be tied up. And a fake rape by the Kidnappers, and a gangbang with a
suckoff" The Uncle explained. "They're not going to hurt us, are they?"
Colin said being a bit hesitant. "No, no way would B.T.W. let you get
hurt, you are too youngest girl pics
valuable to us. "Good and I know Erik has been
gangbanged, but I haven't, and I've never been gangbanged I might be
scared. "Don't worry they're very nice and you will have a day or two to be
around them, they will love you extreme young girls and you them, right Erik? Right Uncle "R"!
Colin and Erik left the den "I just never been gangbanged, but if you
say it's kewl, then I'll young black girl
give Ruth young it a try. And they went out side to mingle
with the Patron's that had come for the day. Two Patrons's grabbed off each
boy and took them to a secluded area of the back yard. Erik was soon riding
a big cock while the Patron was spinning his fingers on the boy's very young sexy nipples
"that feels great, sir" the boy said as he ground his body on the big cock.
Colin was lying between the man's spread legs and licking the man's
ass hole and digging a bit, then he quickly switched to the man's hairy nut
sac and taking one at a time between his red lips and gently sucking and
washing it with his warm saliva "my, oh my, you use that mouth like magic"
the Patron moaned.
Erik let the Patron grab him and without disengaging he lay Erik on
his back and now fucked the Pleasure boy missionary style "what a tight
boi-pussy, it is sucking my cock" and they fucked back and forth on the
green grass. "I don't want to cum" he cried out. but Erik's boy-pussy
muscles clamped down, then released, then started it's young teen free manipulations over
and over, and the Patron just gave in he moaned "I'm cumming, best young porn
I'm shooting
my cum" and his cockhead swelled and flooded the Pleasure boy with hot
gooey semen "I'm fucked out" and fell on Erik's shooting boi-cock mashing
the boi-honey very young sexy all over their mid sections.
Colin was taking his time and driving his Patron mad with lust "what a
fucking mouth, you suck me good", as Colin worked the underside of the hard
meat with licks, sucks and nibbles and at the "V" that went to the head he
sucked and dug his rough tongue into the man meat "God dam, I don't want to
cum, no I won't cum" he cried out, but Colin now ran the rough tongue over
the purple cap, licking the flowing precum off and moving it back into his
mouth. Colin grabbed hold of the throbbing penis and engulfed it with his
warm mouth and again used the rough part of his tongue "Crap I can't hold
it back and filled up Colin's mouth with flowing gooey semen. Colin
swallowed the juice, his Adam's apple moving up and down rapidly and his
tongue driving the Patron out of his mind "my cock is too sensitive, I
can't stand it" but Colin being in charge refused to cease his actions.
When Colin finally let the cock slide from his cum covered lips, he
planted his famous wet kiss on the sensitive corona. "Did you like it,
Sir?" Colin said with a cummy smile, and the Patron lay their weakly "like
it, damn son I think I died and went to heaven!" Colin grinned with pride;
he knew he had become a great cocksucker!
The two boys walked hand and hand back into the house giggling all
the way "Did you see him shake, he was like jelly in my mouth" Colin
commented, Erik also grinned also my Patron had tears on his cheeks, we
make a great team and kissed each other and went to take a shower together!
The two boys were dressed in Award entrepreneur young street clothes, sneakers, jeans and
B.T.W. logo tee shirts and waited for instructions by the movie
director. The man approached the boys "now you two walk down the street
talking and the men at the van skinny young girl
will ask bang young jeezy you for directions and you two stop
and they will take it from there, ok" Colin and Erik nodded yes and then
the director said "ACTION' and Colin and Erik started their walk "Hey boys
can we ask you something?" and Erik and Colin came up fucking young thumbs to them "Where is
this address?" and Colin took the piece of paper and looked at it. Before
they could say anything two other men came up from behind and place cloths
over their faces and the boy's went limp and were hustled into the van and
the men got in and the van sped away.
The boys woke up totally naked and placed in "STOCKS". The boys heads,
and hands clasped tight, as they looked around they counted at least six
men, all in black hoods "use `em, fuck `em, stick your cocks in their
mouths and if they bite smack the shit out of them". Colin thought to
himself "I hope this isn't for real" then some one jammed a cock into his
boi-pussy and another held his head and his mouth was full of cock and the
man was fucking his face. The man fucking his boi-pussy kept slapping each
of his bubble butt ass cheeks, not that hard, but it still stung. The two
men switched positions and resumed the sexual attack on the boy's
bodies. Erik's throat was being fucked raw and hard, but he kept moving
with the men's movements until the one is his boi-pussy erupted and painted
his insides white. The cock fried five bolts of cum, but still it was warm
and gooey and a white circle foaming around the spewing cock.
Colin's mouth filled with cum and swallowed quickly so he wouldn't
drown and let his tongue work the underside. The man in his hole also came
and the cum was dripping down his leg. The extra men now took their turns
on the boy's bodies and filled their mouth's with gooey sauce, the boys
felt tired. The boys were now tied to an "X" type cross, facing down with
their boi-pussy's and mouth's in direct line for a good workout and the men
lined up six in front and six in back of each Pleasure boy. Colin looked up
and a big black masked man stood before him and plunged his mass of black
meat into his mouth, the same for Erik and in the back they each had a cock
plunged into their tight boi-pussy's and the fucking and sucking
began. Colin and Erik worked the cock in deep until their lips met the
pubes while they're insides were fucked deep and hard, they swallowed gob's
and gob's of gooey semen while more pooled below their well fucked
boy-pussy's, finally it was over, the camera men got all the footage they
needed and the boy's stood with more and more semen rolling down their thin
legs. They showered and it was finished! Their bellies were bowed out and
they kept burping!
The boys found themselves standing young litle tenns
in the street, clothing in hand and
the young enema van speeding away. "Do you think if we come here tomorrow we can do
this again" Erik said to Colin, who shrugged "we can try" and they heard
"CUT' and it was over!
Colin and Erik were taken into the house, showered and were too tired
to eat and slept for six hours each. Erik went to Colin's room and woke him
up "Hey sweetie let's get something to eat" Colin rolled over "I feel like
I just fucked a horse" and Erik looked at Colin's boi-pussy "looks tight to
me, I think you just feel that way, come on lets eat, I could eat a horse"
and they went to the dining room before the cook closed up.
December was soon upon the group of Pleasure boys. They would have to
be at Palmyra Island soon. They had to get their shots and that wasn't any
fun. One Pleasure boy the Austrian Mathias Gorner had to be drug to the
doctor; a needle scared the hell out of him and with each shot came an
eerie scream from deep within him and he spent a couple days in the bed
moaning. The French boy Sebastian Molaire fainted and was given his shots
before he woke up and then went around saying nothing hurt.
They flew out on the fifteenth and rape young porno Uncle "R" gave each boy an IPOD One
Touch as a going away gift. He had to ready himself to receive ten more
boys that had been picked up in Miami by some Pleasure boys from one of the
boat's, he was surprised how and where these boys came from "found by some
other Pleasure boys" he shook his head.
The boys flew to Hawaii and refueled then on to Palmyra Island. They
landed on the tarmac at one in the afternoon and were surprised by the
first thing to hit them, the heat. As the walked down the ramp Colin said
to Erik "I can't wait to get these clothes off, I am soaked right now."
They met the Director who issued them their numbered necklaces and matching
anklets and shown to their rooms. Erik received number sixteen and Colin
seventeen and quickly stripped and hit the showers. They then ate and
looked the place over. Erik and Colin, hand in hand walked up the pristine
white beach "look how blue the water is, Free young sluts
it's so calm and so inviting and
dropped Erik's hand and dove into the shallows "hey this is wonderful, I
love this water" he declared and Erik followed him. They swam and splashed
around, and then came out of the surf. "And shook the water from their hair
"I love this place" Erik said "Me too" said Colin. They sat on the sand and
got up quick "it's hot" and got into the mature young homemade shade. "I'm glad were here
together" Erik said and lightly kissed Colin, they looked out on the
crystal blue water.
Palmyra Island is part of some two thousand islands and one hundred
and twenty five that are inhabited. It lies in the Pacific between Hawaii
and the Philippines. These palm-clad islands of pure tropical beauty, with
white beaches and clear lagoons. Some have soaring mountains, covered with
jungle and laced with water-falls. Others are unspoiled atolls where skin
diving is the best in the world. Palmyra Island was taken over by the
military in WWII. A large landing strip was poured and the island was used
to ferry supplies to the troops. After the war it was sold to private
holders for their personal use. Now B.T.W. was the new owners. They made
many improvements, built a sixty room building to house the Pleasure boys
and sixty five huts to give it the island atmosphere to the vacation. A
casino, dining room, game room and large meeting room attached to the main
building. Outside the providing Pleasure boys, you could fish. Skin dive,
snorkeling and party hardy!
The island was fully booked up for year one and year two was filling
up quickly, B.T.W. couldn't be more happier and were considering raising
the number of Pleasure boys from fifty to sixty five, yacht's were booking
boys to take with them on their island excursions., some up to ten boys to
provide their talents to the men aboard these yachts!
The plane had brought thirty-three boys with them and seventeen more
had joined them in the next five days from the surrounding east,
Australian, Kiwis `s and Asian boys, what ever the Patron's wanted they
could have their pick.
On the thirty-first the Patron's started to arrive, three yachts were
first and two planes, the New Year would be a party to remember. The
Pleasure boys made ready, the rosters were posted. The first day Erik and
Colin were going to be "Musical Boi's", Sebastian and Matthias had "King of
the Ruth young
Round Table". The Gloryhole was set up and the boy's instructed the
mingle and the Patron's came first!PART 5: The Patron's are Landing and The Big Interview!Thanks to Cutterman (check shana young out his stories on Nifty, a better writer there
isn't) and The Artist's Jellofunk and Heredia, they inspire!Part 5 of Bobby Blue Eyes is out and Seth Comes on Board, Part 4 is in the
Works!GO CARDS!!!!!
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